Sunday Street


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Sunday Street: Forgotten Dreams

May 19, 2018
The late 1960s were heady times, musically speaking. I was immersed in music and fortunate to be able to hear it performed live both in the midwest and in New York. Rolli...
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Sunday Street: About the Camera

May 12, 2018
When I was in high school, my dream was to be creative with a 35mm single lens reflex camera (SLR). I had read about how you could select an aperture and shutter speed an...
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Sunday Street: The Journey

May 05, 2018
Enjoy the journey. Don't concern yourself about the destination. Above all else, Do the work. See ya around, Bob
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Sunday Street: Inkjet Paper

April 28, 2018
There is no shortage of paper choices for photographers that make inkjet prints. While both Canson and Hahnemüle are well known in the fine art world, I have discovered t...
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Sunday Street: Wide and Loose

April 21, 2018
When the situation is right, I love using a wide angled fisheye lens to capture everything that is going on in one frame. Such was the case with the talented trio known a...
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Sunday Street: Piezography - Product & Process

April 14, 2018
Piezography prints are easy to appreciate and understand when you see them - they look like the best dark room prints imaginable. Explaining how the process of making the...
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Sunday Street: Blue Angels

April 07, 2018
Blue Angels ~ Limited Edition Set Three 8x12 prints on fine art paper Price available upon request
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Sunday Street: Sky Above - Earth Below

March 31, 2018
You seldom see a truly clear night during August in the mountains of Austria because of the nightly storms that roll in. I was thrilled to see the Milky Way over the Groß...
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Sunday Street: Meaning and Message

March 24, 2018
It's kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When the crop is just right, the photograph is complete and the story is told without requiring any further explanation. I...
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Sunday Street: The Best of Both Worlds

March 17, 2018
I spend a considerable amount of time editing images to make prints - that is what drives me. The challenge when editing an image for printing is to make a print that...
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