Language of Light

October 31, 2015 - Last week, the Photographers' Connection presented Portraiture: Language of Light at the LookBook Media Studios. Mike Do...
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Night on the Town

October 24, 2015 - What brought me to the City was an opportunity to attend the PhotoPlus Expo with a few friends. Like most trade shows, i...
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A Short Break

October 18, 2015 - The pace and events of the week have precluded our normal post. We plan on returning next week with something worth read...
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Tale of Two Cities

October 10, 2015 - For cyclocross athletes and fans, "holy week" is the event that starts in Gloucester on on the last weekend in September...
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Photographer, Cyclist, Dreamer

October 04, 2015 - Photographer, Cyclist, Dreamer. Sure, I do other things and have other interests, but these three activities work nicely...
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