Not All Those Who Wander...

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20131025_095823The crowd gathers for PhotoPlus Expo - 2013


You might already know how I feel about New York. Despite living two states away, I am a native and I thrive there. The PhotoPlus Expo is a wondrous, big-league photographic event held at the Javits Center in New York. This year was my umpteenth (to be specific) trip to marvel at the wonders of printing and paper. As always, it was well worth the trip.


IMG_3069Hahnemüle Options


After spending some time at the Epson, Canson, and Hahnemühle exhibits, I had one single thought: photograph something I haven't done before. My favorite part of going to New York is bringing home a small visual piece of the city, a souvenir of the most personal kind. In the past, I had photographed SoHo at night from the High Line and an any-day moment on Times Square. 


DXT15047SoHo - 2015



untitled-55-editTimes Square - 2013



This time I wanted to try something different, something that had been on my mind for a while. I left the exhibition, took the subway to Brooklyn, and wandered around, letting my eyes guide me.


multi panel panoramaSouth Manhattan



single frame cropped for 4x9 greeting cardLiberty Island



_RBK1755-HDRBrooklyn Bridge



_RBK1774-HDRBrooklyn Piers


There is that moment when you see a photograph before you raise your camera. In post processing, there is the moment when what you see on your monitor is surpassed by what you feel when the same photograph is printed. 

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