Intersection of Opportunity & Preparedness

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RBK_1371Cheri & ChipGoddard Park sunset


Luck can often be found at the intersection of opportunity & preparedness. Summer wedding at sunset? A little planning can go a long way...

Just make sure that you have the bride and groom in the right place at the right time and when their daughters spontaneously photo bomb the photo you get the best photograph of the season.


sunset of the water during a wedding is a gift


and sometimes you just get lucky as the entire bridal party walks to City Hall...


RBK-61-editKatie & Claire


or really lucky when the bridge and groom hold the perfect gesture while you drag the shutter to capture the fire works before the flash fires to make the photograph that they wanted...


Wedding FireworksAmanda & Brandon


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Post Script 

Don't let me fool you. Each of these photographs was visualized and planned before I pushed the shutter button. In each case I had already formed a relationship with my couple, had an idea about not only what the image should look like, but a plan to achieve it. And yes, even with that in mind, luck played a part. It always does...


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