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While on summer holiday, I came across an interview with Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin. You can read the entire interview here, but it was the closing paragraph that caught my attention.


"But if people want to speak to a wider audience and to produce photographs that other people want to put on their walls, a higher level of sophistication is needed. It’s like music: if you want somebody to go and listen to you or buy your song, there’s quite a level of sophistication that goes into producing that. It’s not like me singing in the bath. For great photography, a level of depth is necessary, but also an openness to interpretation. Memorable photographs have this quality of openness. They don’t bring closure, necessarily, to the moment or internally, they allow viewers to bring their their own thoughts to bear."


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Post Script - another great read is Group f.64, a true story about West Coast upstarts, their dedication to "straight photography" and their rebellion against pictorialism.







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