The Perils of Serious Photography...

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Mesa Arch-37-HDRMesa Arch - Canyonlands National ParkIt doesn't matter how many times a photograph has been made until you make it.


Photographers can be a testy bunch. We bond with our magic machines and we love the photographs we make with them, much the same way musicians bond with their chosen instruments. Generally, the best camera is the one I am using now, until I use another. That's the way it has always been.

Do you remember when photography was just fun? Well, if you do and it still is, you can stop reading now. The rest of this post will not apply to you, but it might to a friend who has fallen into the perils of a serious photographer.

Serious Photographer Warning Signs (Don't Let this Happen to You!)

You would never make a photograph with your smart phone.

You only photograph with one brand of camera.

You refer to lens as "glass" and you only shoot "fast glass."

You exalt prime lenses and sneer at those who use telephoto lenses.

You can't remember when you shot in jpeg.

You already have more camera bags than you need, but want to buy a new one.

You have three or more tripods (and a monopod or three, plus one of those gadgets that lets you hang your camera from a tree like a lost baby-monkey).

You don't have time to print you photographs.

All your friends are photographers.

No one in your family wants to take a vacation with you (or a half-hour walk around the neighborhood pond).

You frequently  always complain about the light.

You can name a dozen or more photographers whom you admire.

You only post-process your photographs in PhotoShop.

You only use a Mac computer.

You have more than one camera tattoo [editor's note:wait, what?!].

You have trouble leaving the house with just one camera and one lens [editor's note; check!].

You only shoot in manual.

You want to make a perfect photograph.


Here's the good news: I wouldn't worry about any of these, except for the last one. After all, what would you do after you made the perfect photograph?  

Imperfection is perfection.

Happy New Year!


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