Vision to Print

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This is an absolute truth - printing your photographs will help you become a better photographer - especially when it is the final step of your photographic process that starts with pre-visualization - seeing your photograph before you press the shutter - and concludes with making a print of that photograph.


RBK_2849you either lead or follow...2017 USA Cyclocross Nationals - Elite Men


Photographing the Cyclocross National Championships was fabulous because of both the level of elite cyclists and the skills required to ride the frozen nightmare of a course. Cyclocross, even in arctic conditions, is a great sport for spectators and the racers were cheered throughout the course. This image looked great on my monitor, but I wanted the beautiful evidence of this moment printed so that the viewer could experience what I saw and felt - the concentration and effort of the cyclists and the excitement of the crowd - with just their eyes. No other technology required.

Adopting a Vision to Print workflow makes you a better photographer because it helps you "see" the print before you make the photograph.

Printing makes your photographs come alive.

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