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Tunnel View - 2017when it rains...Tunnel View - 2017



DXT17805Epson 7900 - aka The Big Unit After a week of diagnostics to determine why the Epson 7900 printer started leaving dark horizontal bands on prints, the verdict is in: print head failure on two channels, vivid light magenta and light light black.

No matter how well I cleaned the capping station, wiper blade or the print head, the banding would not go away. I had excellent tech support and sent scans of test images and nozzle checks which were reviewed like X-Rays. My best guess is that these two nozzles were beginning to fail when I bought the printer, but it was not apparent until I scanned the nozzle test at 1600dpi and then looked closely on the computer at the test pattern.

So what is next? I am hopeful that the 7900 will be re-homed to someone who wants to convert it to a Piezography system while I ponder what makes the most sense and weigh my options. I would love to have another 24" printer to make large glorious color prints, but the replacement cost is considerable. (Mind you, I did receive a check for the sale of my first large print yesterday and if I sold ten more it would pay for the new printer!)




Yosemite Falls - 2011 (TMAX100)SOLD!Yosemite Falls - 2011



Fortunately, I have another printer (Epson 3880) to continue on with the journey. IMG_3600Epson 388016x24 print of Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)

In the meantime, I am going to make some lemonade to generate the funds required to purchase the replacement of the 7900.

I am offering an individual  Print -> Vision classes for the reduced price of $100. To get in on this super deal you need to contact me now to register and prepay before April 15th, 2017. Then you can sit back and schedule the class at your leisure and  make a great print with the 3880 or, if the stars align, with the new printer after it is installed. 

Not interested in learning how to make fabulous prints?

How about two 16x24 inch (or smaller) prints on satin paper for $50 or two 16x24 inch (or smaller) prints on Fine Art paper for $75? To get in on this runner-up super deal, contact me to schedule your printing session before April 30, 2017. Easy!


See ya next week,




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