Creativity is Not Tidy

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Tunnel View - 2017Tunnel View - 2017


There are those of us who see finished works and just enjoy the execution of their design. The photographs on my web site try to provide that experience. You can appreciate the splendor of Yosemite Valley on a rain-soaked morning without the experience of getting drenched day after day. Or Richard Sachs slogging uphill through ankle-deep mud in a National Masters Cyclocross Race without having your own boots in that same wet muck as you wait for him to arrive so that you can compose the photograph you hope to get.



Or one of my own favorites: enjoying and marveling at the beauty of handcrafted guitars. Handmade wooden sculptures that make beautiful music in skilled hands.





Behind-the-scenes documentation that shows that creativity is not tidy...


Shady Lea Guitars



Process truly is King and process is rarely, if ever, linear or tidy. While we forever push that rock up the hill, when we reach the top we are just as likely to find ourselves back at the bottom with the same or an even bigger rock. That is the true meaning of üben, üben, üben. Similarly, learning how to translate what you see and feel into a printed work does not follow a straight line, nor is it tidy. And that just may be the best part of Vision -> Print*, no matter how frustrated we get from time to time.



IMG_3666nothing like holding a print in your hand...



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* Vision to Print individual class reduced from $249 to $100 only until April 15, 2017.



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