Air Show: Shoot Like a Pro

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RI Air Show - 2016RI Air Show - 2016



May in Rhode Island is traditionally the month when winter clothes are exchanged for summer ones. It is also the traditional time for the motorway-clogging festival known as the Rhode Island Air Show. I have been several times; it's a fantastic experience offering something for everyone. Air Shows always make me feel like a kid, albeit one with a nice camera.

Going to an Air Show? Here are my easy tips for getting great photographs:

  1. Set your lens to manual focus and set it to infinity*
  2. Use Aperture Priority and set your aperture to f/8.
  3. Use Auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed of 1/1000 second and let the ISO float to where it needs to be.


Now just compose and shoot. Have Fun!!


Each of these photographs were made this weekend by using this method.



RI Air Show - 2017RI Air Show - 2017




RI Air Show - 2017RI Air Show - 2017




RI Air Show - 2017RI Air Show - 2017



See ya next week,



* To set your focus to infinity, aim your focus point to something far away and activate focus. Carefully apply a piece of gaffer tape to the focus ring to keep it at this setting. Then de-activate auto focus by setting your lens to manual focus.



RI Air Show - 2016RI Air Show - 2016



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