Sunday Street: Builders of NAHBS

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nahbs 2018-193Mike Yakubowicz, Blacksmith CyclesToronto, Canada



I push myself for clients - no doubt. For an assignment by VeloNew magazine for 20-30 exhibitor photos with captions from the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS), I submitted multiple photos of each exhibitor so that the editor had plenty to choose from.  Before traveling to the venue, I made numerous test photographs to work out a rapid deployment lighting method. As usual, I did not sleep well until the assignment was completed.  I refined additional technical considerations in my head and made appropriate adjustments on location until I was confident that what I had done could not be further improved.  Before photographing any of the exhibitors, I asked them to share their story. All that happened before taking their photograph with the bicycle they made, telling their builder's story in a single photograph. This is what I do. It is not complicated, but it can be exhausting.


These are my favorite photos from the 2018 edition of NAHBS published by VeloNews magazine. Waiting to see the first gallery: Immaculate Details was like a prom queen waiting for a date, but it was the second gallery: Personalities on Pedals that made our day here at Sunday Street.



nahbs 2018-57Sangwee Lee and Somang Yoo, Toivo CyclesSouth Korea




nahbs 2018-64Dmitry Nechaev, Trinton BikesMoscow, Russia




nahbs 2018-376Hunter Creel - sculpture grad student and his gravel bikeUniversity of Iowa




nahbs 2018-106Anthony Clark, Squid BikesElite Men Cyclocross




nahbs 2018-190Gianni Pegoretti, DeAnima Trento, Italy




nahbs 2018-370Helio Ascari, Ascari BicyclesWilliamsburg, Brooklyn



More than just providing images of the bicycles, these photographs show the builders of NAHBS. Together, they tell the story.


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