Bob Kidd Photography | Back to Basics

SoHo - NYC


Let's Get Back to Basics 


If you are frustrated by digital technology getting in the way of creating stunning photographs or just want to master film photography, this program is for you. Born out of the concept of the Photographers' Boot Camp, we will spend more time shooting and less time wrestling with camera settings. 


After we review the elements of exposure and what you want to accomplish, we will start creating photographs using black and white film, the traditional medium of photography. You supply the camera or use one of mine. We will use prime lenses and zoom with our feet after considering how we want to compose our image. We will take the time to slow down and make thoughtful photographs. Despite what  you might have been told, Film is NOT dead.


I will provide the film, development and scanning. After we are done shooting, your film will be processed and scanned and you will be able to download your images to your computer and see the results immediately. No trip to the drugstore required.


In our second session, we will review your images using LightRoom and discuss work flow and minimal post processing to make your images pop. By getting back to basics, you will develop both confidence and a deeper understanding of how to operate your digital camera without technology getting between you and your vision.


Class size is limited and guaranteed to make you a better photographer. Registration fee is $149. 


Contact me to schedule a day and time that is convenient for you to begin your journey to creating better photographs.