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Down Time

October 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

DXT14498-HDRfrom left to right: Peabody, Rocky, Bullwinklenot in photograph: Boris



Our server had an unplanned severe crash this week, possibly caused by a drive failure. That should not have crashed our Network Attached Server (NAS), but it did. The drive was replaced, the volume was rebuilt and the data was completely restored. Our data files are simply structured to made this fairly easy.



IMG_4906Data Structure



Our main groups of data (Photographs, Time Machine backups from several Mac computers, Music and Documents are stored on Bullwinkle, a four drive NAS with a Random Array of Independent Drives (RAID) designed to duplicate data files in the event of a non-catastrophic failure of one of the driver. Therein lies the nature of our crash. The drive that failed caused a catastrophic failure. No idea why that happened.


Fortunately, Photographs and Time Machine files are backed up nightly to Rocky, a two drive NAS with Just a Bunch of Drives (JBOD) file structure. Another backup copy of the photograph files is also stored on an external drive named Boris. Documents and Music are backed up to an external drive nightly named Peabody.


That how we keep it simple and safe - a NAS and two external drives backing up all of our data groups from our main server. Restoring data took about 24 hours.


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Post Script

I am excited to be participating ina BW Fine Art Printmaking workshop next week. More to follow...








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