Bob Kidd Photography | Good in Color, Powerful in Black & White

Good in Color, Powerful in Black & White

October 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Open Mic 02-25-2017-76Open Mic 02-25-2017-76



Different images resonate with different people. Powerful images resonate deeper.


The best music and magical moments often happen late at night, when more sensible people have returned to their homes.


I linger when the mood encourages it. Not wanting the night or the magic to end.


The musician's defiant raised fist occurred as a surprise.  A moment in time. There and gone, like the music.


Good in color,

powerful in black & white


See ya around,



Post Script 

We now have a printer converted to Piezography (pees og raphy) that makes amazing black and white photographs using many shades of Selenium toned ink. More to follow...



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