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March - 2017 Open MicMarch - 2017 Open Mic/Pot LuckPump House Music Works


Open mic and pot luck events have a lot in common - you never know what anyone will bring, but there are sure to be some things that will absolutely delight you. Following the tradition started by Shady Lea Guitars, the Pump House Music Works holds an Open Mic and Pot luck event on every last Saturday of the month. The event does not disappoint.



Open Mic - New Years (12/31/2016)Open Mic - New Years (12/31/2016)Custom montage and individual prints available upon request.



January - 2017 Open MicJanuary - 2017 Open MicCustom montage and individual prints available upon request.



February 2017 - Open MicFebruary 2017 - Open MicCustom montage and individual prints available upon request.



There is always sure to be more than one performance that pleases me as much as the delicious baked ham, blueberry buckle, and other homemade goodies. I have enjoyed Each Open Mic as an invitation to try something new, something that I have not done before, like using only a classic 50mm f/1.8 lens. I had to move around to fill the frame, but the effort paid off. 


And one more thing...

Discovering montage prints was an unexpected treat.


See ya next week,



Geek Speak

I have photographed Open Mic events with multiple camera bodies with different lenses providing the opportunity for both "wide" and "tight" framing. My favorites have been a 35mm lens paired with a 85mm lens. Both of these primes also have a maximum aperture of f/1.8. I typically use them wide open and try to get my focus point where it needs to be. At other times I have used a 24mm and a fisheye lens, both with an f/2.8 aperture.

One of the advantages of shooting with a shorter focal length is that the depth of field is greater at all apertures which provides a greater margin of error regarding focus point. With the 50mm lens and even more so with the 85mm lens, there is precious little margin of error for focus. Miss calculate it in the moment and your subject will be oh, so soft. 


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