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_DSF8110Attic Finds...


When I first saw the old guitar cases stacked against the wall, I felt like I had just discovered a fantastic attic full of unexpected treasures. Truth be told, I wasn't in an attic at all, but that was how I felt and what I wanted to get out of my photograph. Like any photographer, I raised my camera, composed my image, and pressed the shutter. Easy.

Of course, the unprocessed image wasn't anywhere close to what I felt. Instead, it looked flat and full of distractions that just had to go!



Before & Afterediting history is displayed in the left panel





The concept of Vision-to-Print is simple: see your printed photograph before you make it. Some call this pre-visualization, but the important aspect is that it drives your process from before you start right through to printing.  We all know that printing makes your photographs come alive; incorporating this into your workflow can be a profound experience. I know that it was for me. 


_DSF8174Attic Dreams...Matte paper was used to make the printed photograph - it is exactly what I wanted.


See ya next week,



Post Script

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