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I have traveled with a laptop computer since before it was a big deal to bring one onboard an airline. Over time, I got really good at removing and placing it in a bin in one motion and then picking it up and repacking it on the sterile side of security. From what I read on my news feed, any device larger than a cell phone may soon have to be stowed in checked luggage. 



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What's the big problem, you may be wondering?  Well, for one, this means that my laptop is no longer secure in my custodial care which concerns me, even though I travel with a backup drive. While exploring inconvenient and expensive cases that might withstand the checked bag option, it occurred to me that not too long ago I traveled to Europe with a large stash of 35mm film (in the digital era, imagine being "that guy" in every security line requesting hand inspection of film - there were about six of them on that trip - and having the honor of receiving an individual police interview at least once). The significant point is that I did not get to see my photographs until after I had returned home and the film was processed. The delayed gratification added a second enjoyable verse to the trip.



VW Bulli Treffen in KalsVW Bulli Treffen in Kalsfrom the days of Kodak Ektachrome



Not traveling with a laptop and backup drive now simply means two things: more memory cards safely stored in a wallet that I can keep with me, and more use of smartphone photographs for posting while away. Simple. The laptop can be safely left at home while I revisit the experience of the days of film.



IMG_0680keep focused on the Gestalt



Now I just hope that I can still keep my camera with me. Some items you can just not do without. If that also changes between now and my trip this summer, I just might pack a large bag of film for hand inspection (and a film camera) and be that guy again. (Editor's Note: Oh no. Oh, Lordy, I hope not.) Either way, I will let you know when we return from our Summer Holiday. Which


See ya in September,



post script

The DHS decision on laptops remains unclear


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