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DSC_9999Blue Angels at the 2015 RI Air Show



I like easy. Most things in photography are. Some are not. Let's start with easy.




a simple multivariate equation




Exposure Triangle - a simple multivariate equation

Zone System - Ansel Adams and Fred Archer's gift that keeps on giving

Gamut - why my camera sees differently than I do and considerations for printing

Photographing what you feel - this one is easy. Listen to yourself

Learning how to use Lightroom - many small steps

Learning how to print - a natural progression from Vision -> Print


Not Easy

Academic Photography - I would rather have a sharp stick in my eye.

Lesson Assignments - where did that stick go?

Aesthetics - so subjective, like art. 

All aspects of composition - if it works, it is great. if it doesn't work, keep on trying.

Decisive moment - overused term, but still valid

Framing and matting - aesthetic considerations (see aesthetics above)


I help photographers with the easy aspects of the art known as photography. My Vision -> Print teaching approach follows what Ansel Adams wrote in  The Camera, The Negative and The Print.


cam neg printcamera - negative - print


Let me know if I can help you become a better photographer.

See ya next week,





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