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June 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment




If this memoriam image of a failed hard drive an irretrievable data does not frighten you in the least, you can stop reading now. For everyone else,  you may want to consider these inevitable occurrences:


Sooner or later your computer will not be able to store more data because the storage drive will be full.

It does not matter how large your storage capacity is. Big ones just take longer, but all of those image files add up over time. If your computer is old and painfully slow, you can look forward to purchasing a new, shiny fast one and then wait until that drive fills up, which will not take long once you transfer your image files to it.


Sooner or later all storage drives fail.

While storage drive reliability seems to get better all of the time, hardly a week goes by that I do not heart about another person, usually a photographer, who lost ALL of their data and that always makes me feel sad because it could have been prevented. Both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (OS) provide backup functions to easily store all of your data on an external drive. 


This is my Simple, Affordable and Elegant solution that requires two large external drives and a pinch of forethought. 




The best part is that it works like a charm with Lightroom, lets you keep your external drives at home when you travel and provides inexpensive peace of mind. Let me know if I can help implement this solution.


See ya next week,



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