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Adventures in Printing

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RBK_0204Beautiful Evidence



A lucky photograph - I had not planned to make it, but there it was and I Got Lucky - and the process used to print it. The final print is a 9x32 pano made with a 35mm lens from a distance.  Before I committed a 12x36 sheet of paper and ink to the project, I wanted to evaluate the printed image.



Soft Proofing evaluation and gamut checknote limited out of gamut - highlighted in red



After I finished my edits and Soft Proofed the image, I selected a section of the image to print on 5x7 paper that represented the main attraction of the printed image. This is easy to do in Lightroom by clicking and dragging the image within the viewing section of the Print function. Satisfied that my test print was what I had in mind, and within the capability of my printer to faithfully reproduce the photograph, I was ready to commit a 12x36 sheet of paper to the project.



5x7 test print




See ya around,



Post Script

I chose a pano print to feature the broad scope of the image, hoping it would delight the viewer as they panned across it. I had an unused matted frame that was designed to hold multiple 5x7 prints. I used a mat cutter to recut the mat to accommodate a 9x32 print with a 1.5 inch border.


matting for multiple 5x7 prints




Recut mat for 9x32 print



Printing, mating and framing complete the process that starts with your vision. Want to learn more? Check out 









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