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Three legged stool

September 16, 2017  •  1 Comment



Picture a three legged stool...

Great photographs that start with visualization deserve great execution with a camera, post processing to nurture and shape that vision and printing on the right paper so that others can appreciate what you saw and felt with nothing more than their eyes. This is the culmination of the approach Ansel Adams described in his three books: The Camera, The Negative and The Print.


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Each step plays a part in creating the final work, but also relies on the other two the same way that spirit, mind, body keep you in balance. Gestalt photography is much more than just the camera.

If you are ready to become a better photographer, you need to have a strong three legged stool. I can help you build it. Individual fall photographer classes are being scheduled now.   


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Mark Kittleson(non-registered)
I won't "pigeon hole" myself as a film or digital photographer. (I do both) I would strongly encourage anyone in any kind or type of photography to invest in this trilogy of books that Sunday Street recommends. Even if you have never even seen "film negative" these books are as relevant as ever. If you are even remotely curious about the set, at least obtain "The Print" It really picks apart the nuances of printing. Especially black and white photography. Bob is well versed in photography, but recently he has inspired me to spend more time on the end product......the print. I would encourage everyone reading Sunday Street to start looking at all the electronic captures you have on your hard drive and pick out even a few that deserve to be brought to life on paper. It WILL add a whole new dimension to your photography.
Thanks Bob.
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