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Sunday Street: Keepin' It Simple

February 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.51.59 AMFolders by year & meaningful themes



One of the features of Lightroom that most, but certainly not all, photographers will agree upon is that is has a great Library function. And, like any good library, there are rules. Abide by them and you will do well. Decide that they don't apply to you... well, good luck with that. 


Over time (it seems to always be over time...), I have refined how I organize my photo files into folders. You may do this, of course, anyway that is meaningful to you. Want to have a folder for every day that you made a photograph? Go right ahead. Spoiler alert - there is no need to do this as the date is stored in your meta data and you can filter on it. You could, conceivably just dump everything into s single folder named Photographs (or Pictures if you prefer the way Steve named it). That for most, might be a little too minimalistic. Some place between über minimalistic and overly anal is where most folks find a working balance.


For me, it has always been year driven. My milestones seem to go that way. Add some themes to a year - trips, weddings, places, family and you have a tidy library that would please most librarians. Add keywords to your photographs and you have a powerful and fast way to filter through hundreds to tens of thousands of photograph to find just the ones you are looking for. 



Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.10.20 PMThe bigger picture...



The choice, as always, is yours.


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Post Script

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