Bob Kidd Photography | Sunday Street: A Closer Look

Sunday Street: A Closer Look

March 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

RBK_3546-PSeditBridalveil Fal - Yosemite National Parkl15x20 Selenium Print Baryta Paper



The devil may or may not be in the details. I leave that for you to decide. What I can tell you is that a Piezography print is like no other black and white (BW) ink jet print. My photograph of Bridalveil Fall at Yosemite National Park is displayed along side several other BW prints at the South County Art Association in their Photography Annual Exhibit. While the other inkjet prints all look very good, they do not have the classic tones of a darkroom print.  This image, converted from a color digital raw file, retains an amazing amount of detail. That detail was not lost when it was printed at 2880 dots per inch on Baryta paper. Several photographers remarked that the tones and detail were extraordinary and one of them commented that they were pleased to see a darkroom print.



RBK_3546-PSeditDetail Crop



The exhibit will be on display at the South County Art Association until April 7, 2018.


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