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Sunday Street: Forgotten Dreams

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Ian Fitzgerald 09-09-2017-5Ian Fitzgerald at The Pump Hose Music Works


The late 1960s were heady times, musically speaking.  I was immersed in music and fortunate to be able to hear it performed live both in the midwest and in New York. Rolling Stone magazine was a startup and I was working on a degree in English with dreams about writing for them. I continued to enjoy live music until the mid 70s when I moved to rural Connecticut. By then I had tucked away any ambition of writing or photographing for Rolling Stone magazine, but held onto the dream to make a photograph worthy of a magazine or album cover.  


Last year I was the house photographer for The Pump House Music Works - a newly created music venue with a unique laid back vibe. I documented performances there week after week and developed both the technical skills required to catch a musician's gesture and learned the importance of establishing a relationship with them. As my portfolio grew, so did my musician contacts. 


This year, Dan Moretti, a talented jazz musician and professor at the Berklee College of Music, requested to use my images for a new CD that was going to be released in Europe. This in camera multi-exposure image was used for the CD tray.



Sonic Surfers 2017-11-12-76Dan Moretti



Not the cover, but close...


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