Bob Kidd Photography | Introducing Zenfolio

bob kidd photography is hosted by Zenfolio, a powerful web hosting service for photographers.

The best users of technology are restless. They want to do accomplish more and are never satisfied. Zenfolio helped me make the photography web site I envisioned and I think that it will work for you, too, because it is designed to meet the needs of photographers. 

Why Zenfolio?

I use zenfolio because it was designed for photographers and has all of the features in one place that I wanted:

  • unlimited gallery storage and display with customizable privacy and access features
  • fabulous e-comm platform for selling
  • blog integration and search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • client communications with contact list, integrated email, guestbook and comments
  • unmatched ease of use and ability to change your web site design as your business grows

In short, it makes it easy to showcase your work, advertise to new clients and provide excellent customer service to your existing clients. It is also reasonable priced and a great value.

Here is what I recommend:

  • Use the 14 day free trial as your own personal workshop and playground. Evaluate the Premium level during your trial and decide if it is a value to you. Compare the plans here. The Premium level is a sweet spot for photographers that want to market their portfolio. The selling platform is powerful and easy for you and your customers to use. 
  •  If you do not think you are ready to offer your images for sale, chose the Unlimited level and upgrade later when you want to open your store.
  • Bookmark the Help Center and use it often, especially the videos. The more you learn, the smarter you become. The smarter you become, the better your site will look and function.
  • Experiment, develop and have fun during the 14 days. Watch all of the videos. Watch some of them again. Load some images into a gallery. Send a link to your Zenfolio web site to all of your friends and ask them what they think. Promote your Zenfolio web site on social network sites that you use.
  • Be patient with yourself. The Zenfolio tools are powerful and easy to use once you get the hang of it. 
  • When you are ready to subscribe, use referral code "kiddphoto20" to receive a 20% discount from your first year fee.