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DSC_4346Wedding Dream or Photographer's Nightmare?


Do you hunger to make great portraits, but just can't seem to get the results you want? Could it be that you do not know how to mange light to fit your subject and setting? If you were more confident about managing light, would you be more confident?

Here is the thing about making portraits...there is no one formula. Every subject, location and lighting is different. No wonder many photographers prefer to shy away from making portraits to their own detriment. I can think of no more rewarding photograph to make than a portrait that illuminates your subject. The process can be challenging, but the reward of a great portrait makes it all worthwhile (and your subject doesn't really care about your workflow anyway).

The stumbling block for many is wondering how to shape and manage of light. That is why Mike Dooley and I will be conducting a Portrait Lighting Workshop at the LookBook Media Studios in Cranston, RI on Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 0900 to 1400 hours. Together, we will examine this thing called light and learn how to put it to good use in a seminar based hands and minds-on experience. 


Natural & Created Light

Natural light at its best is soft and flattering. At its worst it is harsh and unflattering. If all we ever had was wonderfully soft, defining natural light, portraits would be so easy to create. Since that isn't reality, we also need to learn how to manage and shape created light from various sources so that is has the same language as natural light. This is the concept behind this workshop. 

We will start with the naturally soft light of day and explore its reflective properties. We will explore reflecting natural light to open up shadows and put light under hat brims. We will bounce it off of the floor to brighten eyes. We will expand our new found confidence as we continue our exploration of the language of light using created light from small and large sources to define our subject and expand the boundaries of our understanding. We will make use of continuous lighting, flash and  mono lights to broaden your understanding and knowledge. 

We will wrap up the day making as many portraits as we can using the techniques and skills that we explored earlier in the day. Every one will photograph and will leave with knowledge and energy that they can put to good use.


The boundary of my language is the boundary of my world*

If you want to expand your photographic boundary by learning how to effectively use light sources you should join us and like minded photographers for this informative and fun class that will redefine how you look at light and your subject. All you need is your camera and a desire to learn. 



Registration is $99 and class size is limited. We will be learning and photographing together. 


Questions about registration ? Contact Bob Kidd.

Ready to Register? Send your payment to: Bob Kidd, 52 Overhill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879.




* Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeutet die Grenzen Meiner Welt - Ludwig Wittgenstein