Bob Kidd Photography | Lightroom Instruction




Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is a post processing solution for photographers who want to get the most from their photographs and spend less time editing and more time photographing. 


Lightroom has a powerful Library function that will help you organize your photo files the way you want them so that you can locate one or many photographs even when you can't remember when you made it or where it is located. You will also learn a workflow that identifies the keepers that you want to edit from the rest of your imported photographs.  


The Develop features combine both powerful global and selective editing tools, including Soft Proofing for printing, with ease of use so that you can show others what you saw and felt when you pressed the shutter. You will learn how to make high dynamic range (HDR) images as well as breathtaking panoramas.


Learn why you should calibrate your display and how easy it is to do this. Lastly, you will learn how to develop an essential backup solution to protect your photographs from digital disaster. 


Lightroom is not difficult to learn when taught by a knowledgable and experienced photographer. I have successfully instructed many photographers and I am confident that I can get you off to the right start or hone your existing skills to a new level. I teach individuals and small classes by appointment to suit your schedule.  Learning how to use Lightroom correctly helps you get better results faster. Learning Lightroom will help you become a better photographer.


Contact me if you are Interested in learning more, whether it be getting started, intermediate or advanced editing skills. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your results.