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Advent Calendars are a wonderful childhood memory. 25 magical doors that count down the days to Christmas. My favorites were the ones that had a little piece of chocolate behind each door, just waiting for my little fingers to pry the door open and reveal the waiting contents. A new image will appear here every day until Christmas. Click the photo for more information or to run a slide show...come back often...tell your friends. Thanks for stopping by.

The origins of the Advent calendar come from German Lutherans who, at least as early as the beginning of the 19th century, would count down the first 24 days of December physically. Often this meant simply drawing a chalk line on the door each day, beginning on December 1. Some families had more elaborate means of marking the days, such as lighting a new candle or hanging a little religious picture on the wall each day.
Hamburg is a fascinating city, both modern as well as steeped in more than 1000 years of tradition.