Bob Kidd Photography | Providence CX - 2014
Men's Elite Hole Shot - SaturdayMen's Elite Hole Shot - Saturday

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Following an excellent weekend of cyclo-cross (CX) in Gloucester, the second event of CX "Holy Week" was held in Providence, RI at Roger Williams Park on October 3-5, 2014.
As far as they eye could seeHigh Tech Single SpeedRun up to fly overBattling the fly overMo Bruno Roy on the fly overBrittLee Bowman on the fly overKatie Compton on the fly overKatie Compton running up to the double fly overCarolin Mani riding through the pain of a fractureKatie ComptonBrittLee BowmanArley KemmererSaturday Celebration - Katie ComptonKatie Compton and Richard FriesKatie Compton - post win interviewKatie Compton post win interviewMen's UCI EliteDan Chabanov - Richard Sachs CyclocrossJim Walsh reminds us that cross is funJim Walsh negotiating a phat turn at speed