Bob Kidd Photography | NBX CX - 2015
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The NBX cyclocross weekend has been traditionally held during the first weekend of December in Goddard Park (E. Greenwich, RI). And traditionally unseasonably cold, rainy and windy weather accompanies this race. This tradition was broken in 2015 when afternoon temperatures felt more like early spring then late fall.

This was my third time photographing this event in as many years. I photograph cyclocross without a plan or agenda. I go to see the race with my eyes and then photograph what moves my heart. Unlike previous iterations, I found myself more drawn to people that I have met and/or admired from a distance. Without a conscious plan, I found that my best photographs were more like environmental portraits than action shots.

My first photograph came unexpectedly after meeting Stephanie, a charming New Zealander, who has volunteered to direct traffic at a course crossing adjacent to a short ridable incline. We ended up chatting about both cyclocross and photography which led me to notice the sun backlighting her hair while waiting the the Elite Womens' race to pass by. I over exposed from the meter by a full stop to compensate for the backlight. Because the serpentine race course went from shady woods to sunny beach, light metering went from dark to bright and in between quickly. I used a fill flash frequently even before the Elite Mens' race ended with the sun very low on the horizon.
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