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Photographers' Boot Camp - Portraiture 2014


Don Rotteck, Mike Dooley, Laura Paton and Bob Kidd want you to Be a Better Photographer. 

Our 2015 classes build upon the past successful results of our photographers. Classes are held at Bagelz of Wakefield and on location.
Camera Fundamentals; without craft there is no art. - February 14 & 28, 2015, 9a to 3p
Get off to a great start with this two session class that will show you how to get the most from your digital camera by learning creative control of exposure, focus and perspective. This is the perfect course if you are new to digital SLR cameras or have been hampered by technology. $149 ($50 discount when you sign up with a friend).
Gear is Good - February 21, 2015, 9a to 12p
We all love our gear. Spend the morning learning the hows and whys of cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, light modifiers, light  stands, reflectors and diffusers as we demonstrate closeup, portraiture and landscape photography. A great event for anyone considering buying new gear. Free!
Photographers' Boot Camp Series - In depth hands-on sessions with an image review using Lightroom 5. These classes are great if you already are comfortable using your camera's but want to get better results. No one gets left behind in our Boot Camps. Limited to 12 photographers, these classes fill quickly. Each Boot Camp is $149  ($50 discount when you sign up with a friend).
Portraiture  - March 14, 2015, Image Review - March 28, 2015, 9a to 2p
Learn how to use available and created light to create portraits that flatter your subject. We start with understanding the elements of exposure, focus and depth of field before we demonstrate how to control available and created light to make portraits. You will learn how to use natural light, reflectors and fill flash both indoors and out of doors. This is a hands-on photo shoot using both tripod and handheld techniques. Donna Harvey will be our model. We will review your images using Lightroom for post processing.
donna 3 upModel: Donna Harvey
Macro; it's all in the details - March 21, 2015, Image Review - March 28, 2015, 9a to 2p
This an exciting opportunity to enter the world of Close-up/Macro photography. You will be learn what equipment you'll need to produce beautiful Macro Art. We will explore the technical aspects of f/stop selection, exposure, best lighting, background selection, what and where to find subjects, finding character in your subjects, learning to see in macro, how to make some equipment to achieve a better image and many more tips and how to finish using post processing software. Bring your camera (charged battery and maybe a spare) macro lens and tripod. If you don't have a DSLR or macro lens, bring what you have. There will be lots of stuff to shoot while having a fun and exciting day of photography.
Landscape - May 2, 2015 (1500-2000 hours), Image Review May 23, 2015 (0900 to 1200 hours) 
Learn how to use the special light at the end of the day to create golden hour, sunset, moon rise and night sky images from multiple vantage points at one of the oldest scenic light houses in RI. We will meet in the afternoon, be on site before sunset and stay through nightfall. Tripod, flashlight and practical shoes are required. We will review your images using Lightroom for post processing.
June BC-76-2Point Judith Light House
Be Ready Before the Moment - A photojournalistic approach May 3, 2015 (noon to 2:30pm), $49
Instructors: Bob Kidd & Laura Paton
untitled-13photographer: Laura Paton
Iconic photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Alfred Eisenstädt and Joe Rosenthall all had one thing in common. They all knew how to communicate the human emotion. In this workshop, you'll learn how to anticipate and then convey the human spirit in your own photographs. We'll discuss techniques for making photographs that tell a story. The same techniques that professional photojournalist use. You'll come away from this workshop having a clear understanding of how to communicate emotion in your candid photography, whether it's photos of your family, your kids' sporting event or street photography. This workshop is intended for all levels of photographic ability and for those photographing with a DSLR or those making photographs with a camera phone or point and shoot camera.

Following the workshop, participants will be invited to attend Laura's photojournalism exhibition at the Krul Gallery in Narragansett RI from 3-5pm. Join in a discussion with other workshops participants while enjoying complementary wine and h'dourves.
Lightroom 6 (Creative Cloud) - June 13 & 20, 2015, 8a to 12p
A great class for those just starting out in Lightroom. Learn how to use the powerful Library & Develop modules on your journey to be a better photographer. Instructors: Mike & Bob. Details here. $149
Lightroom - Editing Essentials - June 27, 2015, 8a - 12p
Mike and Bob will take you on a deeper dive into the Develop module for those who are familiar with Lightroom. We will explore selective editing, add on programs, demonstrate why you might want to use an editing tablet and review the new editing features of Lightroom 6 (Creative Cloud). Details here. $99
Guided Photography Shoots
New York City - June 17, 2015 - details here.
come walk with Bob & Laura and discover how to make photographs with your eyes and heart
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What our photographers say about this program:
"I want to thank you both for the fantastic boot camp you put together.  I learned more about my camera, how to use it and how to process my photos in three sessions with you than I had learned on my own over many years.  Your teaching styles and ability to communicate difficult concepts are outstanding.  I hope that you will consider offering additional topics in the future." - Jamie Reavis
"Wow, what a great Photography Boot Camp class held today by Bob Kidd and Mike Dooley. I met some new friends and was happy to spend time with my buddy Ruthy Sharer as we continue to learn more about capturing beauty with natural and filtered lighting. Our model Donna L. Harvey was not only beautiful she was fun and had a face that the camera just loved. We were a group of people out having a good time playing with our cameras. Seriously, I am very excited to see what happens at our next session. So big kudos to Bob and Mike for sharing their love of photography with us and making this such an excellent and rewarding outing. Thank you" - Carol Stedman

"This first class in a 3 part series focused on portrait work with both indoor and outdoor shoots. On this series of shots the emphasis was on lighting, both with on camera and off camera lights supplied by things like our very own camera's pop-up flash (diffused with a coffee-cup lid of all things!) to a pretty sizable soft-box, to our individual speedlights. As the circumstances of the surroundings changed, it was challenging to adapt your lighting to suit the needs of the space! All in all an excellent beginning to this fun and informational class. Can't wait for next week when we try something completely out of my comfort zone! "- Theresa Oliver


"Went to Boot Camp today, it was great improving taking portraits.Thank you, Bob Kidd and Mike Dooley." - Gerry Grabowski


"Yes lots of fun, what a great night all around. Thank you to both Bob & Mike for being such patient & knowledgeable teachers. It was very nice of the rain to wait till we left. Now to edit the 230 pics Can't wait to see everyone's posts." - Melanie Madden


"Last night was such a wonderful and memorable experience.  A beautiful evening, great location, Honey moon, roaring tide- all these would have been insignificant without you three. Throughout the evening you took care to share your vast expertise, giving support and encouragement, with patience and caring that we would do our best. Most of all, we all had fun. As I  left my home for Pt. Judith, I wondered if I would be able to last until 9pm. You can imagine how surprised I was to arrive home at midnight, !  filled with joy and the excitement of having a special learning and photo experience. I felt as though you were long time friends, as well.Thanks for all of it. I hope to see you again soon." - Barbara DeCesare