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700_1989I saw the castle, the clouds in the sky and the reflection in the water, but it wasn't until I saw the ducks that I knew the print I wanted to make.Egeskov Castle (Fyn, Denmark) printed on textured cotton rag paper



"...the negative is similar to a musician's score, and the print to the performance of that score.

The negative comes to life only when 'performed' as a print." - Ansel Adams, The Print



Half Dome in WinterI have often dreamed of making a print of Half Dome in Winter... F-Type or Baryta paper? The choice is yours...



Great photographs start with pre-visualization and end with a print that expresses that vision. Editing your image for printing and a working knowledge of how ink and paper will present your photograph are the keys to making a great print. It is an absolute truth that printing your photographs will help you become a better photographer. Photographing to make prints transforms your workflow and is not difficult to learn.



---_00069That moment when your printed photograph surpasses what you saw on your monitor...Semi-gloss or Baryta paper? welcome creative choices



Ready to begin a journey that will profoundly change how you photograph?


Part of this journey is learning about how to make amazing photographic prints and how to select the paper that contributes to your vision. The other part is seeing your printed work in your pre-visualization; knowing how you will print your photograph before you create it. This is a hands and eyes on experience with a specific emphasis on seeing your vision become a print as you make creative decisions. This program will benefit photographers that have a printer, are thinking about getting a printer and those that would be happy to never own a printer and would prefer to have someone else make their prints. This is a unique program for photographers who want to be amazed by their printed work.

  untitled-33-HDRCandidate for textured or smooth matte paper?



Learn how to soft proof your images in Lightroom and how to edit them to make a stunning print. We will compare the print characteristics of satin, matte, baryta, cotton rag and F-type soft gloss inkjet photo papers by holding them in our hands as you learn how to use printer profiles to make the best prints from the printer and paper that you choose. We will make proof prints of your selected photographs on 8 1/2 x 11 paper for your evaluation and create a large print on 13x19 paper from one of your images.



untitled-33-HDR-2 Candidate for matte, baryta or another paper? The choice is yours



Join me for an individual 4 hour lesson in my home studio in Wakefield, RI on a day and time that fits your schedule. Bring your laptop with Lightroom installed. A printer is not required. The cost is $199.


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Custom Printing



DXT17805Epson Stylus Pro 7900one of two studio printers


Do you need a special print made?  

Getting ready for an exhibition or an art show?

Have a client, friend or family member that would love to have one of your photographs printed?

Let's discuss your need for color or black and white prints in stock or custom sizes using premium quality and fine art paper.


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